Things to be aware of By Maria Wyman

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water? Well when you travel to Europe you are. It is a new place, with different people, different cultures, and different cultural normality’s.

Alizabeth Ennis traveled to Europe and the first thing that she told me when I called her was that she “felt so out of place.” It did surprise me because when you’re expecting the adventure of a lifetime you’re not expecting to feel awkward. She also said that, “just being conscious and being aware of appropriate things to do is important or you will always feel like you’re doing something wrong.”

The cultural norms of Europe are classier while America is more relaxed. “Whenever I was wearing flip flops and yoga pants I would get looked at up and down like we were slobs, but when I was wearing a dress I wouldn’t get any looks,” Alizabeth said.

Traveling to Europe can be an opportunity that you never forget either good or bad. When you’re traveling it is important to know different things that can happen. The number one place where people get pick pocketed is Barcelona, Spain.

River Baker recently went to Barcelona, Spain. He is 6’8 with hair to his shoulders that is curly, volumous and Burnett. He said that he had no fear about being pick pocketed because he was the tallest person whenever he went so there was no place that he was ever not stared at. He also said women wear jeans no matter what the weather and guys are much more dressed up then in America. Being a large male River also said that, “the large sizes in Eruope are Americas small size,” chuckling as we are sitting eating large portions of pasta.

It is very important is to make sure that you know the different laws and rules of the places that you are going into because going to jail is probably not on your list of things to do and it does happen. Everything is a different language even the pay phone which neither River or Alizabeth could figure out how to work.

These are just a couple helpful tips to be aware and conscious of the environment when you are traveling. Being aware and conscious of things like pick pocketed, social norms, and different rules and laws so that you do not get in trouble.


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