Getting Ready by Maria Wyman

Traveling to a foreign country is something that a lot of people dream about doing but don’t know what to bring exactly. No matter where you are headed there is a way that can make it a little less stressful.

The most important thing is to have a plan. It does not have to be minute-by-minute details but make a plan for how long you want to stay in each place. This way you can determine what type of weather you are headed to.

“Plans help keep you safe and organized for the new adventure ahead,” said traveler Laurie Kelly.

Having a plan can also help you be able to get the most out of your tips and decrease any back tracking. A plan also helps you determine a budget, what types of toiletries you would need, and the type of transportation that you are going to use.

Once you have a plan the next step is to determine whether it be a backpacking or a suitcase type of trip. There are pros and cons to either type of travel but it depends on what type you want to experience.

Backpacking is an easier way to travel if you are planning on going to many different areas on your trip. This way is more hands free because you do not have luggage that you have to wheel around.

If you are going on a site seeing tourist type of travel and are going to do a travel guide type of experience then a suitcase is a better option. No matter which one you choose packing is something that is hard to do.

Determining what type of travel you are going to experience helps create a budget. Budgets are important so that you know about how much you will be spending.

While traveling it is imperative that you know that, “tourist are targets for pick pocking” Stacy said, “having an emergency plan and not keeping all of your money in one place is very important because anything can happen”.

“Layout what your going to take, from that pile decide what you think you absolutely need, and then cut that in half” was the advise from Stacy Boies who is no stranger to world traveling. It is important that when you are traveling that you bring clothes that are generic. This way you can get more outfit options as well. How you are traveling also determines how you should pack.

When you travel “you realize that your world is nothing in the scope of the whole world”, according to Stacy Boies. Traveling is something that is an adventure and something amazing, and being prepared for the whole world is important for good and safe traveling.


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